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    Menko drops out of league, forfeits all series

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    Menko drops out of league, forfeits all series

    Post by Eagles715 on 2009-07-01, 00:04

    Rather than once again replace someone, anyone who hasn't played menko receives automatic wins


    [20:50:14] Menko43 : i will b in top 100 next year and prove u all wrong
    [22:57:40 29/12/09] Menko43 : madden on 360 is better i think
    [22:58:08 29/12/09] Menko43 : i was wrong b4
    [20:41:04] @ FelixdaCat : i think no matter how many people we ban, there will always be someone to take over the title of "NWL Asshole"

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