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    What is roster download online?

    Rookie NWL Member
    Rookie NWL Member

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    What is roster download online?

    Post by RB26Slam on 2009-02-26, 11:42

    When I go online it says downloaded rosters, save?
    hit ok
    what does that do? Are teams up-to-date in real life likeBrady on the IR or when he comes back they update it or say Plaxico Burress signs with another team upon his return then Madden 09 online downloads hiom to his new team for people to play?
    All-Madden NWL member
    All-Madden NWL member

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    Re: What is roster download online?

    Post by FelixdaCat on 2009-02-26, 15:59

    The roster download allows you to save the online updated roster to your system for use in franchise mode, play now, etc. etc. The updated roster is not 100% accurate but it at least updates alot of the major changes to teams.


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