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Come and join the NWL today. Be in the most active wii madden league right now. It is the most fun and active. The NWL is the most accomplished too. With already gone through two whole seasons of wii madden on Madden 09 Wii and having great members that enjoy helping new members get better. Makes the NWL a no brainer to join. Play your Madden 10 for Wii on the NWL !
National Wii League

The best Wii Madden League

    Week 5- Bulk Schedule

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    Week 5- Bulk Schedule

    Post by admin on 2008-10-21, 22:17

    (Byes: Cleveland, N.Y. Jets, St. Louis, Oakland )

    Tennessee Titans , Baltimore Ravens

    Carolina Panthers , Kansas City Chiefs

    Chicago Bears , Detroit Lions

    Atlanta Falcons , Green Bay Packers

    Indianapolis Colts , Houston Texans

    Miami Dolphins , San Diego Chargers

    N.Y. Giants , Seattle Seahawks

    Washington Redskins , Philadelphia Eagles

    Denver Broncos Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Arizona Cardinals , Buffalo Bills

    Dallas Cowboys , Cincinnati Bengals

    New England Patriots , San Francisco 49ers

    Pittsburgh Steelers Jacksonville Jaguars


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