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    Goodbye 2009


    All-Madden NWL member
    All-Madden NWL member

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    Goodbye 2009

    Post by Lazer on 2009-08-12, 20:13

    With Madden '10 coming out in a couple days I'm retiring from '09 and I thought it would be cool to see where we all ended up this season.

    Post your final stats
    Final Record:
    Final Rank:
    Highest Rank:

    Persona: Lazer
    Final Record: 150-227
    Final Rank: unranked
    Highest Rank: 57
    Highlights: Not sure who the opponent was but I was down by 14 with 1:20 to go. I scored a quick TD and recovered the following onside kick and scored again and converted the 2-pt conversion to win the game.
    Lowlights: After getting as high as 57th I plummeted to oblivion after a series of losses and disconnects that dropped me below .500 and worse.

    Persona: MYTHaCOLT
    Final Record: 50-31
    Final Rank: 1106
    Highest Rank: ?
    Highlights: ?
    Lowlights: ?

    Pro NWL Member
    Pro NWL Member

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    Re: Goodbye 2009

    Post by Walkertime on 2009-08-12, 20:18

    Persona: Walkertime
    Final Record: 142-115
    Final Rank: 289
    Highest Rank: 70
    Highlights: Getting on the EA website for my "Epic Win". And beating eddy by making his receiver fumble on the 2 yard line to end the game.
    Lowlights: Losing to BanguFC in overtime by getting a safety where my QB was throwing off his back foot and crossed the back line.
    All-Madden NWL member
    All-Madden NWL member

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    Re: Goodbye 2009

    Post by SteelBlueCurtain on 2009-08-12, 21:50

    Persona: Pillsburypwn
    Final Record: Something like 11-50...
    Final Rank: Unranked
    Highest Rank: in the top 1000
    Highlights: beating Boltpower by 9
    Lowlights: losing to Jungle09 because Cecil Sapp fumbled the ball on the 1 yard line while going in for the Game Winning TD.
    All-Madden NWL member
    All-Madden NWL member

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    Re: Goodbye 2009

    Post by Kyman on 2009-08-12, 23:07

    i just want to post low lights and hi lights
    lo lights: 0-16 season
    HI lights: i won my first game in the nwl season against gbpackers7

    All-Madden NWL member
    All-Madden NWL member

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    Registration date : 2009-01-04

    Re: Goodbye 2009

    Post by Menko43 on 2009-08-13, 00:02

    Hi lights - Beating Metsfan 20-23 in my final madden 09 game. It came down to fourth down and i threw to the back of the endzone and got PI called which got me to the 1 for a game winning qb sneak.

    Hi lights- Finally beating billyo.

    Lo lights- iceman coming from behind to beat me in the 4th. ( he accepted a FM and holding on his last two drives)
    Minor Commissioners
    Minor Commissioners

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    Re: Goodbye 2009

    Post by GBPACKERSFTW on 2009-08-13, 00:28

    Post your final stats
    Final Record: 190-50
    Final Rank: 30
    Highest Rank: 12
    Highlights: Idk really. i had plenty but my finest game came against some guy i cant remeber i was down 28-0 at half and came back and won it 35-28. he was chargers...oh i remeber now it was ITSMII and then numbers
    Lowlights: Losing to KBT in WMFL...i changed my playbook and it changed my game

    fyi im just geussing on record and final rank

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    [22:21:23] @ GBPACKERSFTW : with my penis
    [22:21:25] @ Iceman23Wave : GBPACKERSFTW YEA!

    [23:19:11] Menko43 : gb i remember like the first day i came on this site you sent me a video of gay porn

    Head Commissoner
    Head Commissoner

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    Re: Goodbye 2009

    Post by Eagles715 on 2009-08-13, 00:51

    Persona: Eagles715
    Final Record: 163-80
    Final Rank: 150
    Highest Rank: 129
    Highlights: after giving up a late td against someone using the cowboys with less than 20 seconds left in the game returning the kickoff to FG range to kick the GW FG as time expired

    High:beating Leo336 on a GW FG as time expired.

    Lowlights: running out of bounds on a kickoff return as time ran out to try and kick a FG, when I could have returned the kickoff for a TD to beat RCG.

    Low:against Bolt in season one in a close game he was at the goaline and my LB intercepted it, returned it to his 10 then fumbled it, and I then went on to lose by a fg.


    [20:50:14] Menko43 : i will b in top 100 next year and prove u all wrong
    [22:57:40 29/12/09] Menko43 : madden on 360 is better i think
    [22:58:08 29/12/09] Menko43 : i was wrong b4
    [20:41:04] @ FelixdaCat : i think no matter how many people we ban, there will always be someone to take over the title of "NWL Asshole"
    All-Madden NWL member
    All-Madden NWL member

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    Registration date : 2009-03-29

    Re: Goodbye 2009

    Post by BillsRule on 2009-08-13, 09:59

    Persona: BillsRule
    Final Record: 190-85 ish
    Final Rank: 42
    Highest Rank: 42
    Highlights: 4-0 against NFC North, breaking onto the scene as a relative unknown and going 15-1 with the CHIEFS in the regular season.
    Honourable mention: Comeback win against GBPACKERSFTW, coming back in third quarter from being down 35-21, and winning 49-38
    Lowlight: Losing to Boltpower in AFC playoff game


    Chiefs Owner - NWL Season 2

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    [21:15:38] SteelBlueCurtain : you guys know what I just noticed?
    [21:16:07] SteelBlueCurtain : the guy in meatspin is wearing a condom
    All-Madden NWL member
    All-Madden NWL member

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    Re: Goodbye 2009

    Post by RCG2 on 2009-08-13, 13:31

    I haven't had Madden 09 for the past month. Anyone wanna look up Capt Awesome and RCG2?

    All-Madden NWL member
    All-Madden NWL member

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    Re: Goodbye 2009

    Post by Boltpower on 2009-08-13, 16:17

    Persona: BoltPower21

    Final Record: 150-112ish

    Final Rank:190

    Highest Rank:190

    Highlights: Coming back in-season to Jpfurry in 4th quarter by 28 points, Beating Felix 5 times in a row(he finally beat me most recent time using the CHIEFS), Kicking Bangu's ass in season 59-17, Being 10-1 against BadgerMilker All-Time, Being the NWL Season 2 Super Bowl Champ

    Lowlights: Not playing mix after trying to play him for a year(lol), Losing to David42 in Semis for December Classic, All my losses in the Reg. Season, Never reaching Top 100


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    Minor Commissioners
    Minor Commissioners

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    Re: Goodbye 2009

    Post by edawg on 2009-08-13, 16:29

    Persona: edawg
    Final Record: 225-85ish
    Final Rank: 30's?
    Highest Rank: 4
    Highlights: Beating Mix 12-7, bouncing between rank 5 and 6 for 3 months, shutting out 7 straight opponents, scoring 60+ in over 20 games, scoring over 90 points against some scrub. holding teams to negative overall offencive yards (happend about 10 times)
    Lowlights: losing games i shouldnt have lost, there were alot of them. being glitched out of games, getting d/c from servers while on win streaks, seeing the new art style for madden 10 :P


    Menko43 "the only thing better about ps3's madden is graphics."
    All-Madden NWL member
    All-Madden NWL member

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    Registration date : 2009-01-23

    Re: Goodbye 2009

    Post by hugemetsfan on 2009-08-13, 17:55

    Persona: (I had a bunch but im gonna list my most succesful one)
    Final Record: 110-50 (an estimate)
    Highest Rank: 450's
    Final Rank: 560's
    Highlights: June- July had a 12 game winning streak going against people like Billsrule, PurpleJesus, and other good players, then winning streak was stopped against PJ.
    Lowlights: Losing to Bangu when i was up 43-29 in the 3rd quarter, and he was down 11 going into the 4rth, he scored twice in the last minute (also an onside kick) to win the game.
    Pro NWL Member
    Pro NWL Member

    Number of posts : 64
    Age : 36
    Registration date : 2009-03-29

    Re: Goodbye 2009

    Post by davet on 2009-08-13, 18:28

    persona: TresselBall
    Record: 213-94
    Rank: 57
    Highlight: Rank peaking at 44. Joining the NWL. Had a good time playing against everyone.
    Lowlight. Every glitching, cheesing bitch online. The last game of 09 was just glitched with a loss when I was up 17.

    GFX Artist
    GFX Artist

    Number of posts : 660
    Age : 39
    Registration date : 2008-10-22

    Re: Goodbye 2009

    Post by msubobcats87 on 2009-08-14, 02:42

    Persona: Punky
    Record: 39-29 (d/c - 26)
    Final Rank: 996
    Highest Rank: No Idea
    Hilights: Getting several "Madden-overs" to get the upset victory vs. BadgerMilker in NWL S2
    Lolights: Getting brutally raped by Billy0 in the Wild Card game for NWL S2

    Persona: msubobcats87
    Record: 32-20 (d/c - 17)
    Final Rank: 915
    Highest Rank: No Idea
    Hilights: attempting to win a game with ever NFL team and posting the videos on youtube
    Lolights: getting 15 friend requests every time I logged into Madden because I posted the games on youtube

    All-Madden NWL member
    All-Madden NWL member

    Number of posts : 124
    Registration date : 2009-01-11

    Re: Goodbye 2009

    Post by jungle09 on 2009-08-14, 08:32

    Persona: jungle09
    Final Record: 225-110
    Final Rank: 67
    Highest Rank: low 60s
    Highlights: finally beat billy0 after 5 or 6 tries
    Lowlights: blew 18 pts lead entering 4th qtr against billy0

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    Re: Goodbye 2009

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