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    Best Madden Songs

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    Best Madden Songs

    Post by GBPACKERSFTW on 2009-06-29, 19:07

    Which ones from ANY year are the best?

    My favs are
    Believe- The braverly- 04
    Fighting- Yellowcard- 08
    Like Knives- the fashion- 09
    Countdown-Jupiter one- 08
    Take Me Out- Franz Ferdinad- 04?
    Light up the Sky- Yellowcard -08

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    Re: Best Madden Songs

    Post by BillsRule on 2009-06-30, 12:10

    Church - OutKast - 04
    i just like how upbeat that song was
    Way Away - Yellowcard - 04
    This song was out on Madden way before it was popular...and it was a really good song anyways


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