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    League Restructuring Part 4: Playoffs?



    How long do you want the Playoff Series to be?

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    League Restructuring Part 4: Playoffs?

    Post by SteelBlueCurtain on 2009-04-26, 21:22

    I know, I know.
    In the words of the great Jom Mora, "PLAYOFFS?! DON'T TALK ABOUT--PLAYOFFS! PLAYOFFS?!?"
    But regardless, I'm talking about them. There will be a 3-round series at the end of the season for the Playoffs. My question is, how long do you want the Playoff Series to be?
    Advantages of each:
    3-5-7: With each series, the round gets longer and more intense, until at the Finals, a true Champion is crowned. The first series is no longer than a regular season series, but the last seems to be way longer and more intense.
    5-5-7: The Finals takes on its own level of intensity, and there is no series shorter than a Regular-Season series in the playoffs.
    5-7-7: You get a series to work up your endurance for the playoffs, and the best overall player is definitively the winner in rounds 2 and 3.
    7-7-7: Only the best will win. Even if an Underdog wins, you know that the better player won.

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