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Come and join the NWL today. Be in the most active wii madden league right now. It is the most fun and active. The NWL is the most accomplished too. With already gone through two whole seasons of wii madden on Madden 09 Wii and having great members that enjoy helping new members get better. Makes the NWL a no brainer to join. Play your Madden 10 for Wii on the NWL !
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    Experiences Board, feel free to post

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    Experiences Board, feel free to post

    Post by RB26Slam on 2009-01-29, 10:22

    Ok, I beat one guy 73-52 and got a loss for it b/c my game froze up after the game on the EA Nation screen
    I beat two more guys after that and received nothing... lol... sad... umm... probably because they quit in Q1 or Q2
    I beat another guy just now and finally got win

    BTW I played a guy named joshyszechs or sumthing like that and I was beating him 31-0 or somewhere in there (he had 0) and he quit in Q1. I quit withouit counting game b/c u dont get wins 4 continuing in 1st Q. I picked random opp and it was him again. 3-3, then I picked and he quit... OMG lol. Some ppl r just weird. I also played a guy who was obsessed with strong toss right or a sweep or whatever it was and he did i all day long, or a long bomb, or a screen. 90% of the time it was sweep. I stopped him (and believed I played him b4 and couldn't stop the toss) and his tosses and sweeps and screens and bombs, no variety, and he quit... 14-7 or 21-7 I think the latter.

    What are your weirdest experiences online?

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